Online Tools

The Third Party Tools section features various technology tools available to use both within and outside of D2L to enhance the learning experience by encouraging instructor presence, collaboration and communication.

Concourse Syllabus SystemExpress ServerGoogle WorkspaceKalturaMedia GalleryReadSpeakerRespondusTextAidVirtual ClassroomWebex MeetingsWebex Trainings

The Concourse Syllabus System allows instructors to create course specific syllabi for each assigned D2L course section. Syllabi created in the Concourse System can be edited and copied into future courses. Instructors can elect to copy the entire syllabus or may select specific sections to copy. The Concourse Syllabus System provides students with a consistent experience for all courses in which they are enrolled.

The Express Server is a file server provided by LCC for faculty to store and link to files in D2L course(s).

The Google Workspace integration for D2L allows users to connect their LCC Google Workspace account with D2L. The Google Workspace widget in D2L allows for quick access to LCC Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Drive.

With the Google Workspace integration, Instructors can add Google Docs directly from Google Drive into Content in D2L. Once a Google Doc has been added to a content folder in D2L, students will be able to view and access the document, as they would any other document.

Kaltura is LCC’s Media Platform that is comprised of Kaltura My Media for hosting and sharing videos and Kaltura Capture for the creation of media.

Kaltura Quick Start GuidesGetting StartedCreating MediaOrdering Closed CaptionsAdding Media to a D2L CourseEditing Kaltura MediaKaltura Video QuizzesEngaging Students with Media

Video is a medium that engages students from multiple senses – sight and sound. Video aims to generate excitement about a subject or concept to help students retain more information. Incorporating video into your course(s) and course curriculum can help enhance the teaching and learning experience for both the instructor and student, increase instructor presence, and vary methods for communication and collaboration.

    Using Video as a Teaching Tool:
  • When incorporating technology into your classroom it is important to align the technology to the outcomes to be achieved in the course.
  • Once you have a clear goal or outcome, you can determine a strategy to fully support that goal.
  • Technology tools are meant to integrate with and support achievement of learning outcomes and creativity; therefore its use in a course should be thoughtful and deliberate.
  • Posting Video Communications in your D2L course(s) should be used strategically and sparingly so students do not become tempted to skip over videos that may contain important information.

Note: Kaltura My Media is a storage center for all media created or uploaded with Kaltura. In order to insert media files into your D2L course, they must be stored in the Kaltura My Media.

ReadSpeaker is a text-to-speech and document viewing service integrated into D2L. Users can listen to content within HTML pages using the webReader Listen option, while documents uploaded to D2L can be listened to using the Open with docReader option.

Respondus 4.0LockDown Browser
    Respondus 4.0 allows users to:
  • Support D2L quizzes or D2L question libraries.
  • Retrieve (download) existing assessments, quizzes or libraries from the Course Management System into Respondus.
  • Print a test and/or answer key authored in or downloaded to Respondus.
  • Import .DOC, .TXT, and .RTF.
  • Spell check an entire quiz or assessment in one operation.
  • Preview individual questions and spellcheck an entire test in one pass.

    LockDown Browser is a custom browser that locks down the testing environment within D2L to:
  • Prevent access to other applications including messaging, screen-sharing, virtual machines, and network monitoring applications.
  • Disable print, print screen and screen capture functions.
  • Prevent copying and pasting anything to or from an assessment.
  • Disable right-click menu options, function keys, keyboard shortcuts and task switching.

NOTE: An assessment cannot be exited until the student submits it for grading.

NOTE: Respondus Lockdown Browser is installed on all computer classrooms on campus.

TextAid is web-based personal reading assistant embedded directly into D2L. Students and Instructors can use TextAid to assist with reading and writing text as well as listen to text read aloud.

Virtual Classroom is a live meeting application that includes audio, video, and presentation components. Instructors can schedule and manage real-time online sessions with individual students or whole classlists within their D2L courses.

Webex is an on-demand collaboration, online meeting and video conferencing application suite. Instructors can use Webex to facilitate online office hours, class meetings, and individual or group conferences. Webex is integrated directly into D2L, allowing Instructors to schedule meetings and office hours in D2L.

Managing Audio in Webex MeetingsPractice Hosting a Meeting in WebexRe-associating Webex Conferencing Accounts in D2LRecording a Webex MeetingScheduling and Starting a Webex MeetingScheduling and Starting Webex AppointmentsSending and Receiving Webex Email NotificationsWebex Meetings Breakout SessionsWebex In-Meeting OptionsWebex In-Meeting ToolsSystem RequirementsQuick Start Guides

When hosting a meeting in Webex, be aware of the following features to help manage audio from participants. Please note that meeting participants can unmute themselves even if muted by the Meeting Host.

Note: It is recommended that all participants in a Webex meeting use headphones to reduce any potential audio feedback.

Webex supports Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. Webex requires that JavaScript, Cookies, Active X and Plug-ins be enabled.

Note: If using Webex from a mobile device, a prompt will appear to download and install the Webex mobile application.

For more information visit Webex Support System Requirements.

Webex Trainings offer all of the features found in Webex Meetings, but also includes enhanced engagement and management features. Webex Trainings is integrated directly into D2L, allowing Instructors to schedule dynamic live sessions in D2L.

Note: Currently, Apple iPads are not able to open Webex Meeting app when attempting to join a Webex Meeting from within D2L.

Breakout Sessions in Webex TrainingsChanging a Webex Meeting to a Webex TrainingManaging Audio in Webex TrainingsRe-associating Webex Conferencing Accounts in D2LScheduling and Starting a Webex TrainingSharing Content in Webex TrainingsWebex Trainings In-Meeting Options