Webex Meetings

Webex is an on-demand collaboration, online meeting and video conferencing application suite. Instructors can use Webex to facilitate online office hours, class meetings, and individual or group conferences. Webex is integrated directly into D2L, allowing Instructors to schedule meetings and office hours in D2L.

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When hosting a meeting in Webex, be aware of the following features to help manage audio from participants. Please note that meeting participants can unmute themselves even if muted by the Meeting Host.

Note: It is recommended that all participants in a Webex meeting use headphones to reduce any potential audio feedback.

Webex supports Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. Webex requires that JavaScript, Cookies, Active X and Plug-ins be enabled.

Note: If using Webex from a mobile device, a prompt will appear to download and install the Webex mobile application.

For more information visit Webex Support System Requirements.