Webex In-Meeting Whiteboards

To Create and Share a Whiteboard

  1. Within a meeting, select the Share button from the meeting controls.
  2. Select the Whiteboard tab.
  3. Select New Whiteboard. A new whiteboard will open.

Annotation Tools

Annotation Toolbar.
    The following Annotation Tools are available for use with whiteboards:
  1. Annotation toggle – Turn annotations on or off for participants.
  2. Pointers – Use to point out specific areas on your whiteboard.
  3. Text tool – Use to add text to your content.
  4. Line tool – Use to add a line, arrow, or double arrow.
  5. Shape tool – Use to add a square, oval, X mark or checkmark.
  6. Pen or Pencil – Use to draw on the whiteboard.
  7. Annotation color – Use to select a color for your annotations.
  8. Eraser – Use to erase all annotations and pointers or only yours.
  9. Save – Use to save the whiteboard documents with annotations as a .pdf or .ucf file.

Stop Sharing a Whiteboard

  1. With a whiteboard open, select the Share Whiteboard menu at the top of the screen.
  2. Select the Close button next to the Whiteboard title.
Select the Share Whiteboard menu and then select the Close button.