The Reporting tool provides a useful interface through which instructors can create reports detailing system activity. Use the reporting tool to create reports by selecting from a wide variety of data and shape reports through filters and other parameters.

D2L Data and Reporting Options

D2L Tool Tool Summary Learn More
Class Progress View a summary of students’ overall progress in a course with Class Progress. Viewing Class Progress
Completion Summary View student completion activity for each content item within a Content module. Viewing Completion Summary Statistics in Content
Content Reports View Content items visited, and average time spent for items within Content, as well as statistics by student. Content Reporting
Discussions Statistics View discussion statistics by student, or by forum/topic. Discussions Reporting
Enrollment Statistics View grade, attendance, and last date of access for withdrawn students from the Classlist. Accessing Dropped Student Grades and Attendance
Grades Statistics View class or user statistics for grade items in the D2L gradebook. Viewing Grade Item Statistics from the D2L Grade Book
Insights Portal View data points for how students engage with D2L courses, and evaluate quiz quality. Available Fall 2024
Viewing Insights Portal
Learning Outcomes View course learning outcome alignment with achievement tracking. Viewing Learning Outcomes
Quiz Statistics View user stats, question stats and question details for Quizzes. Note: Quiz statistics are unavailable if the quiz is set up using question pools. Viewing Quiz Statistics
Rubric Statistics View overall, criteria, or individual stats for rubrics. Viewing Rubric Statistics