Content Reporting

    View Statistics including:
  • Number of users who have visited a topic
  • How long each user spent viewing the topic
  • Detailed report for each user, including content items visits (date), number of visits per item, total time spent on an item, and average time spent.

    Viewing Content Statistics by Content or User:
  1. From the Navigation bar, select Content. Select Content from navigation.
  2. Select Table of Contents.
  3. From the Related Tools menu, select View Reports.
  4. Scroll through content items to view average time spent, and number of visits.
  5. To view additional statistics for a content item, select the Available To or Users Visited number. View additional statistics by selecting options.
  6. View statistics per user for each content item, including last visited, number of visits, total time spent, and average time spent on the content item. Reports panel.