D2L Video Gallery

The D2L Video Gallery is a collection of videos that focus on specific D2L tools, functions, and tasks. Select the video thumbnail play button to view the video on this page or select the video title to view the video in full-screen. Once playing, use the controls below the video to expand the video to a larger size.

1 Minute or Less

Check out these 1 Minute or Less videos for quick tips on completing specific tasks in D2L.

Accessing D2L Semester Start Checklist

Learn how to access the D2L semester start checklist to get your course started smoothly.

Checking Dates in D2L Courses

Learn how to check for expired dates in courses and how to use the Manage Dates tool.

Completing D2L Course Information Template

Learn how to locate and complete the Course Information Template in D2L courses.

Using Quick Eval in D2L

Learn how Quick Eval allows Instructors to view submitted assessment items from their students across all of their D2L courses.