Start and End Breakout Sessions in Webex Meetings

  1. Within a Webex Meeting, from the Breakout menu, select Enable Breakout Session.
  2. From the Breakout menu, select Breakout Session Assignments.
    1. Set the number of sessions desired.
    2. Select to setup Breakout Sessions Automatically or Manually.
    3. Select Create Assignments.
  3. To MANUALLY assign participants to Breakout Sessions:
    1. Select the checkbox for the participant to be moved. Note: Move multiple users to a single breakout session at one time by selecting the checkbox each users.
    2. Select Move to Session.
    3. Select the desired Breakout Session from the list.
  4. To start Breakout Sessions, select Start breakout sessions.
  5. To end Breakout Sessions, select End all breakout sessions. Note: All participants will return to the main meeting room.