Webex In-Meeting Polling

Meeting Hosts can create polls during a meeting to engage and pose questions to their Participants.

    To Create and Share a Poll:
  1. Within a meeting, select the More Options button from the meeting controls and then select Polling. Webex polling
  2. In the Polling Panel, select the Question Type and then select New.
  3. Type the question and then select the Add button to add an answer choice to the question. Repeat as needed to add answer choices to a question.
  4. Repeat steps 2-3 to add additional questions to the poll.
  5. Once all questions and answer choices have been added, select Open Poll to release the poll to the participants.
  6. The poll will be displayed to participants and they may submit their answers.
  7. Select Close Poll to close the poll. Meeting participants will receive a countdown notification to submit their responses before the poll closes.
  8. Once a poll is closed, the meeting host may choose to select Share with Attendees: Poll Results checkbox and then Apply to display the overall poll results to the meeting.
  9. Select the X at the top-right to close the polling screen.