Fix Broken LockDown Browser Quiz Permissions

Copying existing D2L quizzes from one D2L course to another or within a course requires Instructors to review and possibly repair broken permissions in the LockDown Browser Dashboard. This process will need to be repeated every time quizzes with Respondus LockDown are copied.

  1. From the Assessments menu, select Quizzes.
  2. Select the LockDown Browser tab. LockDown Browser selected.
  3. If prompted:
    1. Select the checkbox for “Don’t show this page again.”
    2. Select Continue to Lockdown Browser.
    View the support LockDown Browser resources, if desired. Otherwise, select Continue to LockDown Browser.
  4. Accessing the LockDown Browser Dashboard will automatically update the Lockdown Browser settings for all quizzes that require Lockdown. Once the process is complete, instructors will see the following message: Update Lockdown Browser settings each time courses or quizzes are copied.
  5. Verify Lockdown Browser settings are activated for the desired exam/quizzes by looking for “Required” next to the title. Note: If an error appears, select Fix It to resolve the error. Look for "Required" to verify that the Lockdown Browser settings are activated and working.