Remove LockDown Browser Using Special Access

In the event that a proctored setting is not able to utilize the Lockdown Browser, an Instructor may be required to assign Special Access for use in the proctored setting that does not require Lockdown Browser. Special Access permission can be set up in the Availability Dates & Conditions menu of the quiz.

  1. From the Assessments drop-down menu on the Navigation Bar, select Quizzes.
  2. Select the Quiz to edit it.
  3. From within the Edit Quiz screen, select the Availability Dates & Conditions menu.
  4. Select Manage Special Access.
  5. Select Add Users to Special Access. Select Add Users to Special Access.
  6. Verify your due date, start/end dates, and timing settings. NOTE: Setting different access dates and time options for users in Special Access will not impact any dates and time options set in the Restrictions Tab of the quiz. IMPORTANT NOTE: If dates and times are changed within the quiz after Special Access is given to a student(s), each user will need to have the dates and times updated.
  7. Under Lockdown Browser, select the Checkbox for Not required to take this quiz. Under the Lockdown Browser option, select the checkbox for Not required to take this quiz.
  8. From the Users list, select the checkbox next to any student who should have special access to the quiz.
  9. Select Save.
  10. Select Save & Close. NOTE: You may set up multiple Special Access criteria within a quiz to meet the individual needs of students.