Content Viewer

When a topic is selected in Content it will open in the Content Viewer. File types including PDF, Word, and PowerPoint will be displayed in the Content Viewer, other file types will provide a link to download the file.

    The Content Viewer contains the following tools:
  1. Side Panel: A slide-out menu that allows users to navigate Content without returning to the Table of Contents.
  2. Ally Indicator: An indicator that shows the Ally Accessibility Score. For more information on Ally Accessibility Scores, please see Ally in D2L – Accessibility Indicators and Scores.
  3. Bookmark: Allows users to add a bookmark for a topic.
  4. Previous and Next Arrows: Opens the previous or next topic available to users in the order presented in Content.
  5. Document Scroll Bar: Allows users to scroll through the document, if needed.
  6. Download: Allows users to download the topic/file to their computer.
  7. Open with docReader: Allows users to listen (text-to-speech) to both HTML content and documents.
  8. Alternative Formats: Allows users to download accessible alternatives to original files created automatically by Ally in D2L.