Accessibility Indicators and Scores

As content is created or uploaded into D2L, Ally in D2L will scan the content for accessibility, using the WCAG2.1 AA standards as a guide. Once the scan is complete, content items will be assigned an accessibility score and indicator.

Indicator Icon Accessibility Level Percent Range What does this mean?
Rating icon: LOW Low 0-33% File needs significant improvements to be accessible.
Rating icon: MEDIUM Medium 34-66% File needs improvements to be accessible.
Rating icon: HIGH High 67-99% File is mostly accessible, but can still be improved.
Rating icon: PERFECT Perfect 100% File is accessible.
  • Ally in D2L- Accessibility Scores
    Ally provides course files with an accessibility score. This score is a percentage score that reflects how accessible an item is, how many students it can affect, and how severely it affects them. To calculate the accessibility score for a course file, Ally takes a weighted average of the different accessibility items based on the WCAG2.1 AA standards, as some rules are more important/impactful than others.
  • Ally in D2L- Accessibility Indicators
    Four possible accessibility indicators will be displayed in D2L Content, providing the accessibility level of the file. Please Note: All files should have at least a green Ally Accessibility Indicator to ensure the most severe accessibility issues or barriers have been removed.

Please note that the indicators are only visible to users with instructor-level access.

Course dashboard shows accessibility indicator.