Accessibility Indicators and Scores

As content is created or uploaded into D2L, Ally in D2L will scan the content for accessibility, using the WCAG2.1 AA standards as a guide. Once the scan is complete, content items will be assigned an accessibility score and indicator.

Indicator Icon Accessibility Level Percent Range What does this mean?
Rating icon: LOW Low 0-33% File needs significant improvements to be accessible.
Rating icon: MEDIUM Medium 34-66% File needs improvements to be accessible.
Rating icon: HIGH High 67-99% File is mostly accessible, but can still be improved.
Rating icon: PERFECT Perfect 100% File is accessible.
  • Ally in D2L- Accessibility Scores
    Ally provides course files with an accessibility score. This score is a percentage score that reflects how accessible an item is, how many students it can affect, and how severely it affects them. To calculate the accessibility score for a course file, Ally takes a weighted average of the different accessibility items based on the WCAG2.1 AA standards, as some rules are more important/impactful than others.
  • Ally in D2L- Accessibility Indicators
    Four possible accessibility indicators will be displayed in D2L Content, providing the accessibility level of the file.

Please note that the indicators are only visible to users with instructor-level access.

Course dashboard shows accessibility indicator.