Ordering Closed Captions with Kaltura

  1. From with in the Online Tools menu, select My Media.
  2. Locate and select the video title.
  3. Scroll below the video, from the Actions drop down menu, select Caption and Enrich. Reviewing Captions Requests.
  4. Set Source Media Language to English, then select Submit. Note: Captions will become available for review and edits in approximately 20-30 minutes. To order captions, select the service type and source media language from the menu options.
  5. Once Status is showing Completed, select the Edit Pencil icon to review and edit captions. When the status of the caption request has reached Completed, select the pencil icon to review and edit captions.
  6. Edit captions and punctuation using the Closed Captions Editor. Note: The Save and Revert buttons will become active after edit(s) have been made to the captions. Be sure to save at least every hour to ensure edits are saved. Kaltura closed captioning editor.
  7. Select Save, and then select Yes to save all changes.