Student Trainings in D2L

Student trainings in D2L are supplied by departments across campus to provide required and/or optional learning opportunities to students who are enrolled in courses and have access to D2L.

    The following trainings are available in D2L:
  • Attending Online Class Sessions Using WebEx in D2L
  • Creating Multimedia for Courses Using Kaltura in D2L
  • Learning Online in D2L
  • Return to Campus Orientation for Students
  • Student Title IX and Sexual Misconduct Training
    Coming Soon!
  • More to be announced!

    To enroll in a student training in D2L:
  1. From within the system homepage in D2L, select Training from the Online Tools dropdown menu. Selecting Training from the Online Tools menu of the D2L homepage.
  2. Select a training from the menu. Selecting the Learning Online in D2L Training as the desired course.
  3. Select Enroll in Course. Enroll in Course button highlighted.
  4. Select Ok on the Successfully Enrolled confirmation screen. Confirmation screen with OK button highlighted.
  5. Select Open Course to begin the course. Open Course button highlighted. NOTE: To unenroll from trainings, select the dots next to the Open Course button and select Unenroll. Select Unenroll.