Tips for Improving Online Quizzes in D2L

    When building assessments with the Quizzes tool in D2L, consider the following options to improve the assessment experience:
  1. Shuffle the order of questions.
    • Shuffling the order of questions presents a different question order for each student that takes the assessment, making it more difficult to share answers.
    • Questions can be shuffled by selecting the Shuffle questions at the quiz level checkbox on the Properties tab of a quiz in D2L.
    • This can be taken a step further through the use of random question pools within a quiz, creating the possibility that students may not even see the same questions during an assessment.
    Option selected to randomize questions at the quiz level.
  2. Make use of time restrictions.
    • Using an enforced time limit reduces the time available for students to simply look up answers in a book or online and enter them into the assessment, reinforcing the importance of reviewing materials prior to the exam for students.
    • It is recommended to select the Prevent the student from making further changes option in order to grade the questions that were answered within the time limit.
    • Students who require extra time for taking an assessment can be granted special access to a D2L quiz in order to have an extended time limit.
    Quiz Timing Panel.
  3. Use a variety of question types – There are more to D2L quizzes than multiple choice questions.
      Available question types include:
    • True or False Question
    • Multiple Choice Question
    • Multi-Select Question
    • Written Response Question
    • Short Answer Question
    • Multi-Short Answer Question
    • Fill in the Blanks Question
    • Matching Question
    • Ordering Question
    • Arithmetic Question
    • Significant Figures
    Using a variety of questions can help students demonstrate mastery of course content through more in-depth and original responses. Dropdown of D2L quiz types.

For more information on using the Quizzes tool in D2L, please feel free to contact the eLearning Department at any time.