Course Home Page

The Course Home page is the first page you see upon entering a course in D2L. The Course Home page consists of a navigation bar and widgets that provide access to course information and resources.

  • Course Navigation Bar: Provides access to links and menus including Content, Grades, Assessments Menu, Communication Menu, Course Help Menu, Course Progress Menu, and Manage Course Menu.
  • (Default): Provides access to Announcements, Concourse Syllabus System, Content Browser, Updates, Student Engagement, Calendar, Library, and Course Size Limit.

  • Content: Provides an area to add course content (assignments, quizzes, readings, articles, etc.) in organized folders.
  • Grades: Provides access to the course grade book to enter assignment grades and feedback.
  • Assessments: Provides access to assessment tools such as Assignments, Discussions, and Quizzes.
  • Communication: Provides access to communication tools such as Announcements, Classlist, Discussions, Email, and Webex.
  • Course Help: Provides access to help resources for Assignments, Discussions, Grades, and more.
  • Course Progress: Provides access to course progress tools such as Attendance, Class Engagement, and Class Progress.
  • Manage Course: Provides access to course management tools such as the Accessibility Report, and Course Admin.

Note: The images below present the view of a default Course Home page.

Default Nav Bar on the Course Home Page.

Course Home Widgets

  • Announcements: Displays course announcements posted by the instructor.
  • Concourse Syllabus System: Provides access to the course syllabus.
  • Content Browser: Provides access to browse course content, view recently visited topics, and view bookmarked topics.
  • Updates: Displays updates that have occurred in the course, including unread discussion posts and new emails.
  • Student Engagement: Provides a short cut for instructors to access the Student Engagement/Early Alert area within
  • Calendar: Displays a mini-calendar with a list of upcoming events created by the instructor.
  • Library: Provides access to LCC Library Resources and Ask a Librarian.
  • Course Size Limit: Displays the current course usage (%). Each course is allotted 700 MB of usage space. Default widgets on the Course Home Page.