Creating Intelligent Agents

  1. From the Manage Course menu, select Course Admin.
  2. Select the Course Admin option.
  3. Under the Communication section, select Intelligent Agents.
  4. Select the Intelligent Agents option.
  5. Select New Agent.
  6. Enter the Agent Name.
  7. Add description, if needed.
  8. Choose or add category, if needed
  9. Select the Agent is Enabled Checkbox.
  10. span class=”note”>NOTE: Agents must be enabled before they can be run.
  11. Determine the Scheduling:
  12. Select the schedule you prefer:
    1. You can choose to run the Intelligent agent once by selecting One-Time Run. This requires the date and the time.
    2. Or you can choose the Intelligent Agent to run as often as hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, or annually.
    3. You can also choose to have No Schedule for the Intelligent Agent and run it manually instead.
  13. Determine the Criteria:
    1. Role in Classlist: select All users visible in the Classlist, or Users with specific roles: ie: Students or Course Assistants.
    2. Login and Course Activity select the checkbox(s) if the agent should search for login and/or course activity, and then select the radio button for the desired settings.
    3. Course Activity: select the checkbox if the agent should search for course activity, and then select the radio button for the desired settings.
    4. Release Conditions: ccreate or browse the Release Conditions you wish to have the agent monitor.
  14. Determine the Action:
    1. Repetition: select the radio button for the desired option.
    2. Send an Email: select the checkbox to enable the email feature. Use replacement strings in the following fields to automatically enter data for users who have met the criteria of the agent. View instructions on Using Replacement Strings.
    3. Preparing the Email:
      1. Type the Names of Recipients in the To, Cc, and Bcc field.
      2. Enter an Email Subject.
      3. Enter the Message.
      4. Then add attachments and/or change text type, if needed.