Using Video in D2L Assignments

Videos used with D2L Assignments should provide information that is pertinent to that assignment such as further explaining the assignment requirements, examples, demonstrations, etc.

    Why post videos with D2L Assignments?
  • Provide an explanation of assignment expectations and grading details Increase student motivation
  • Reach students with a variety of learning styles, especially visual learners
  • Grab students attention and spark curiosity
  • Increase instructor presence
    Types of Videos to Post with an Assignment Folder:
  • Introduction to a project/assignment
  • Explanation of the assignment expectations and required criterion
  • Provide an example(s) of the assignment
  • Demonstration of assignment concepts
  • Demonstration of the tools/programs/technologies students will use to complete the assignment
  • “How to” videos (if applicable to the assignment)
  • Virtual field trips (if applicable to the assignment)
  • Instructions for student created videos
  • Clarify a commonly misunderstand/over looked element of an assignment