Using Video in D2L Content

Videos posted in Content should be directly related to the concepts or assignment(s) within that module folder.

    Why post videos in Content?
  • Increase student motivation
  • Develop potential for deeper learning of the subject
  • Reach students with a variety of learning styles, especially visual learners
  • Provide a common experience for students to discuss
  • Grab students attention and spark curiosity
  • Allow students the ability to review content multiple times, whenever & wherever, at their individual pace
  • Increase instructor presence
    Types of Videos to post in Content:
  • Weekly introductions- preview of upcoming concepts, assignments
  • Weekly wrap ups- conclusion of concepts, assignments
  • Introduction to a topic/assignment
  • Course lectures/ Mini-lectures
  • In-class activities, labs, experiments
  • Explanation/demonstration of FAQs or issues
  • Launching point for group discussion
  • “How-to’ videos (if applicable to the concepts being covered)
  • Virtual field trips (if applicable to the concepts being covered)
  • Simulations / demonstrations/ real life examples or case studies
  • Show experiments that can’t be done in class
  • Bring great literature, plays, music, or important scenes from history into the room