Student-Created Media for D2L Course Assignments

Students can create videos using Kaltura and post them in their D2L courses in the same manner as instructors by following these step-by-step directions: Kaltura Overview for Students.

Note: Students will be able to post in discussion posts or assignment submission folders.

When adding video (required or optional) as part of a course assignment be sure that the technology does not change the overall outcome of the assignment. For example, in a writing course- if the assignment aims to assess student’s writing ability, creating a video would not meet the outcomes of assessing one’s writing ability. In this case, video could be used as an additional requirement to the written portion.

    Why have students create videos?
  • Increase student motivation
  • Develop potential for deeper learning of the subject
  • Strengthen team working and communication skills
  • Grab students attention and spark curiosity
  • Increase student collaboration
  • Increase student/student and instructor/student communication
  • Strengthen skills including oral and written communication, collaboration, critical thinking, technology literacy
  • Promote creativity
    Creative Methods for Student-Created Videos
  • Student introductions/icebreakers
  • Student assignments, projects, presentations, speeches
  • Student video demonstrations
  • Student virtual field trips
  • Student outlines/storyboarding
  • Student video diary
  • Challenge advanced students with extension video projects