Kaltura Recordings Tips

Tips for Sound Recording

  • Make sure you are in a quiet location in order to get the best sound. Turn off cell phones and other devices prior to recording.
  • While built-in microphones can be used to record, it is recommended to use an external USB microphone for optimal sound quality.
  • Get close to your microphone (within 12 inches for an external, non-headset microphone) and place it slightly off-center from your mouth. This will help to eliminate breathing sounds and other noises such as “popped P’s”. When recording audio, it is best to keep approximately 12 inches from the microphone.
  • When recording, leave 2-3 seconds of silence at points where you will make an edit in order to make a clean edit when you trim or chop within the video.

Tips for Video Recording

  • Make sure you are eye level with your webcam if you are using it for recording in order to create a more natural frame.
  • Follow the “Rule of Thirds” and place your eye line on the upper third of the screen. Demonstration of Rule of Thirds.
  • Try to record in an area with even light. Too much light in front of you washes out your image while too much light behind you can result in an overly darkened image.