Creating Media with Express Capture

Note: Express Capture enables recording content directly from a browser without the need to install any additional software. This recorder is intended for use on computers where Kaltura Capture cannot be installed, such as Chomebooks. Limitations include: 30 minute max recording time, play/stop recording (no pause), and currently does not work on iOS devices.

  1. From the Online Tools menu, located on the D2L My Homepage, select My Media.
  2. Select +Create, then select Express Capture.
  3. Select the sources for the recording.
    1. Select the Camera icon to turn off the Camera for the recording.
    2. Select the Audio icon to turn off the Audio for the recording.
    3. Select the Screen icon to enable screen share for the recording.
    4. Camera, Audio, and Screen controls
  4. Select Record to begin the recording.
    1. Notes:
    2. Selecting Record will initialize a 3 second countdown
    3. The webcam will begin to record once the when the countdown is finished, even though you cannot see is.
    Express Capture recorder
  5. Once the recording begins, the Express Capture recorder menu appears and only includes the option to Stop the recording.
  6. Begin Express Capture recorder
  7. When the recording is complete select Stop, then select Use This, to upload to My Media.
  8. Review and/or modify the Name, if desired. Modify Name Optional: Enter a description and/or tags.
  9. Select Save if you modified the file name and/or entered a description.
  10. Select Go To My Media once the upload has finished.