Adding Kaltura Media to a D2L Course

NOTE: This method is for embedding Kaltura Videos in Announcements, Discussions and anywhere else the HTML editor is used. To connect a video quiz to a D2L gradebook, use the Adding a Kaltura Video Quiz in a Content Module method.

  1. Navigate to the area of your course where the video is to be inserted.
  2. On the HTML editor tool bar, select Insert Stuff. NOTE: The HTML editor tool bar appears when you create a new file in Content, create a new Announcement, start a new thread in Discussions, etc. Select the Insert Stuff option in the HTML Editor.
  3. From the Insert Stuff options, select Insert Kaltura. NOTE: This will open your Kaltura My Media. Select Insert Kaltura from the Insert Stuff options to embed a Kaltura video into your D2L course.
  4. Select the video you wish to embed.
    1. Select Embed to embed as the default size.
    2. Select the Gear icon to adjust the embed settings.
    Select to enter the video as the default size or select the drop-down menu to select a different size.
  5. Select Insert to embed the Video. Select Insert to embed the video.