Accessing Kaltura My Media in D2L

My Media can be accessed from the My Home page in D2L. You can create or upload media to be used in any class in My Media. Once your content is in My Media, it can be added to D2L from within specific courses.

Enable My Media for your D2L Account

NOTE: Required the first time you use My Media.

  1. From the D2L My Home page, select My Media.
  2. On the confirmation pop-up, select the Checkbox for “Do not ask me again for this application”. Allow Kaltura My Media to access D2L. Select Continue.
  3. Select Continue. This will load the My Media home page.

My Media Home Page Overview

The My Media home page displays your personal media library.

  1. List of the media files uploaded to My Media.
  2. Search your media files for specific titles or phrases.
  3. Create:
    • Upload: Upload an existing media file from your computer.
    • Express Capture: Use Express Capture to record new media.
    • Video Quiz: Create Video Quizzes.
    • Capture: Use Kaltura Capture to record new media.
    • Stitch Videos: Combine multiple existing media into one.
    • YouTube: Add YouTube video to My Media. Screenshot of MyMedia with the list of media highlighted as A, the search field highlighted with B, and the + Create menu highlighted with C