Setting Up Accommodations for a Student in D2L

About Accommodations

Instructors can set up accommodations for a student to better meet students’ learning needs through the Classlist tool.

  • Quiz Timing: adding more time to complete quizzes within a course.

Accommodations set up through the Classlist will apply to all quizzes in the course for that student.

Overview of the Edit Accommodations window

When to use Accommodations vs. Special Access

  • Accommodations: Accommodations, set up through the Classlist, will apply to all quizzes in a course for that student. Therefore, if a student needs extra time on quizzes, the instructor can adjust the quiz timing for all quizzes using Accommodations through the Classlist.
  • Special Access: Special Access should be set up when a student needs time adjusted for a single quiz, or to adjust other access parameters (i.e. number of attempts, start/end dates, etc.). For more on Special Access, view Setting Up Special Access in Quizzes.
    • Quiz-level Special Access can overwrite an accommodation for a student on a quiz-by-quiz basis. Therefore, if needed, an Instructor can overwrite Accommodation settings for a particular quiz by setting Special Access for that quiz.
Adding Special Access for a student will overwrite any accommodations added through the Classlist.

Setting Up Accommodations for a Student through the Classlist:

  1. Within a course, select the Communication menu, then select Classlist.
  2. From the Actions drop-down menu for a student, select Edit Accommodations. Select Edit Accommodations from the action menu for a particular student.
  3. Select the accommodations to be applied to all quizzes within the course. Set the accommodations for the student
  4. Select Save.
  5. Verify accommodations were applied by viewing the User has Accommodations icon for the student in the Classlist. Verify accommoations were applied by viewing the icon.