My Home Page

    The My Home page provides access to the following menu items and widgets:
  1. Concourse Syllabus System: Provides users access to course syllabi for which they are enrolled. Users can view and print the syllabus for each course.
  2. Course Evaluations: Provides a link to the course evaluation system. Users can log in and complete a course evaluation at the conclusion of each course.
  3. LCC Help Links: Provides links to various services and departments available to users, including the Academic Success Coaches, Assessment Center, and eLearning Instructor resources.
  4. Online Tools: Provides links to Awards, My Media, TextAid, Quick Eval, and Training.
  5. Tutoring: Provides users access to supplemental practice, study, and skill building resources.
  6. My Courses Widget: Displays up to 12 current or future courses. Courses can be manually pinned or unpinned to customize the order in which they are displayed. The My Courses widget also displays the course start and end dates.
  7. Google Apps Widget: Allows users to connect their LCC Google Apps account to their D2L account.
  8. Student Work To Do: Displays upcoming dates for activities within D2L.
  9. Announcements Widget: Displays both system announcements from the college and course announcements.
Screenshot of the Homepage, numbering the features.