Viewing and Sharing Awards

  1. Select Awards from the Online Tools menu of the D2L Homepage.
  2. Select My Awards.  Note: Students can view badges available to earn in a course by going to View Available Awards within the Awards tool.
  3. View Available Awards allows users to:
    • Search for a specific award.
    • View awards available for all enrolled courses.
    • View awards available within a single course.
    Note: Badges displaying a check-mark indicates the award has already earned.
  4. Select the checkbox to Include awards from other courses. Note: This allows users to view a complete list of awards earned in all courses.
  5. Select Share for each badge you wish to share.
  6. Select Share to Profile.
  7. Select Close.

Viewing Certificates

  1. Choose a certificate to view by following steps 1-3 above.
  2. Select Generate Certificate.
  3. Download and view or print the certificate.