About Badges

Badges are part of the Awards tool. To use the Awards tool, instructors must add the Awards widget or Awards Navbar link to the course home page.

Why use Badges?

  • Reward students immediately after they have completed an activity or assignment.
  • Build an element of gamification into the course to better engage students.
  • Provide a celebration piece for the completion of an assignment or activity.
  • Track student progress and development.
  • Build a hands-off method of instant feedback.

How do Badges impact students?

  • Students access badges via the Awards widget or Navbar link on the course homepage. NOTE: Student access will depend on how the instructor has added the Awards tool to the course.
  • Students receive a pop-up notification identifying badges they have earned.
  • Students can view badges they have earned, as well as those that they have yet to earn.
  • Students can share earned badges to their profile.

Awards Tool overview

Classlist Awards navigation item selected.
  1. Classlist Awards: Lists all students enrolled in the course and the badges they have earned.
  2. Course Awards: Identifies the badges available to earn within a course. Also, provides instructors access to create new badges.
  3. My Awards: Lists the badges earned by the user. NOTE: Users can view badges earned for a current course, or view all badges earned in all courses.
  4. View Available Awards (Badge Library): Provides access to all badges created by all users. CAUTION: Instructors can use badges created by another user; however, these badges cannot be edited. Only the badge owner has edit rights. If a badge owner edits their badge, the edits will appear in any course using the badge.