About Badges & Certificates

What are Awards?

  • The Awards tool enables instructors to provide merit-based badges and certificates to students.
  • Badges reflect student achievement of different milestones within the course. Certificates are often used to signify completion of an entire learning experience.
  • Badges and certificates can be designed and linked to release conditions to allow for automatic awarding, or they can be manually granted.
  • Badges and certificates do not contribute to the achievement of a passing grade.

Why use Awards?

  • Reward students immediately after they have completed an activity or assignment.
  • Build an element of gamification into the course to better engage students.
  • Provide a celebration piece for the completion of an assignment or activity.
  • Track student progress and development.
  • Build a hands-off method of instant feedback.

How do Awards Impact Students?

  • Students access badges and certificates via the Awards widget, the Awards link in the Online Tools menu of the D2L homepage,¬†or Navbar link on the course homepage. NOTE: Student access will depend on how the instructor has added the Awards tool to the course.
  • Students receive a pop-up notification identifying badges they have earned.
  • Students can view awards they have earned, as well as those that they have yet to earn.
  • Students can share earned awards to their profile.

Awards Tool Overview

Classlist Awards navigation item selected.
  1. Classlist Awards: Lists all students enrolled in the course and the awards they have earned.
  2. Course Awards: Identifies the awards available to earn within a course. Also, provides instructors access to create new awards.
  3. My Awards: Lists the awards earned by the user. NOTE: Users can view awards earned for a current course, or view all badges earned in all courses.
  4. View Available Awards: Provides access to all awards created by all users. CAUTION: Instructors can use awards created by another user; however, these awards cannot be edited. Only the award owner has edit rights. If an award owner edits their award, the edits will appear in any course using the award.