Attendance – Creating Schemes

  1. Select Attendance from the Course Progress drop-down menu.
  2. Select Attendance Schemes. Attendance Schemes selected.
  3. Select New Scheme.
    1. Set up the new scheme:
    2. Enter the Name of the attendance scheme.
    3. Enter a Symbol to represent the status in the register.
    4. Enter a Full Name for the status.
    5. Enter the Assigned Percentage (%) that the status will count towards attendance. For example, late students receive 50% attendance for that session.
    6. To add additional statuses to the scheme, enter the number of statuses that you wish to add, then select Add Statuses. NOTE: You must save the scheme before adding additional statuses.
    7. Select Save. Screenshot of Attendance Status options.
  4. Select Close.
  5. Select Set to set the scheme as the course default. Select the Set button.
  6. Select Set to confirm. Confirmation and Set button highlighted.