One Minute or Less Videos

One Minute or Less videos allow users to view specific D2L tools and D2L integrations using a quick video. Select the video thumbnail play button to view the video on this page or select the video title to view the video in full-screen. Once playing, use the controls below the video to expand the video to a larger size.


Check out these One Minute or Less videos for quick tips on completing specific tasks in D2L.

Accessing Alternative Formats for Content in D2L

Learn how to access alternative formats for files in a D2L course.

Accessing D2L Courses

Learn how to access courses in D2L.

Locating Course Syllabus in D2L

Learn how to find and open the syllabus for a course in D2L.

Signing Up for D2L Notifications

Learn how to sign up for text and email notifications from courses in D2L.

The Class Progress Tool in D2L

Learn how the Class Progress tool allows students to check their progress in a course by tracking course-specific assignments and feedback across multiple D2L tools.

The Student Work To Do Widget

Learn how to keep track of upcoming work due in courses across D2L.

Viewing Grades and Feedback in D2L

Learn more about how to access grades and view Instructor feedback in D2L.