Alternative Formats in D2L

About Alternative Formats

D2L automatically generates alternative formats for files in D2L courses and makes them available to download, allowing students to engage with course content in a way that works best for them!

Know your options. Choose a format that’s right for you.
Format Format Advantages
Automatically extracted text
Improved scanned documents
Better reading and text search
Tagged PDF
Structured PDF for assistive technology
Improved structure for navigation
Essential for screen readers
For browser and mobile
Customize your text
Adapts text to mobile screen sizes
Reading on tablets and e-book readers
eBooks on tablets
Annotating and highlighting
Electronic braille
BRF version for electronic braille displays
Read more quickly
Essential for visual impairments
MP3 recording of text
Listen and learn on the go
Engage different modalities
BeeLine Reader
Enhance HTML for easier and faster reading
Adds color to text
Improve reading ability and focus
Immersive Reader
Text reader with highlights.
Listen while you read highlighted text
Aid reading comprehension and grammar skills.

Note: The alternative formats available for download will depend on the original file type. If an option is not listed to download alternative formats, the file is not a supported content type.

Accessing Alternative Formats for a Course File in D2L

  1. Enter a course in D2L.
  2. Select Content, and then locate the course file. Select Content from the main navigation.
  3. Next:
    1. Select the Alternative formats menu next to the file name.
    2. Select the radio button for the alternative format.Note: Multiple formats can be downloaded one format at a time.
    3. Select Download.
    Overview of the menu options to select alternative formats.