About Awards

Awards are digital markers that represent accomplishment throughout a course or program.

  • Students can access their Awards through Awards item located within the Online Tools menu on the D2L home page.
  • Awards are awarded based on any criteria determined by the instructor.
  • Students will receive a pop-up notification identifying Awards they have earned.
  • Students can view the Awards they have already earned, as well as those that they have yet to earn.
  • Students can share earned Awards to their D2L profile or externally via a link.

Sharing Badges & Certificates

  1. Select Awards from the Online Tools menu of the D2L Homepage.
  2. Select My Awards.
  3. View Available Awards allows users to:
    • Search for a specific award
    • View awards available for all enrolled courses
    • View awards available within a single course
  4. Select the tab for Badges.
  5. Select the checkbox to show all available awards. Note: Badges displaying a checkmark indicates the award has already earned. Include awards from other courses selected
  6. Select Share for each badge you wish to share. Sharing badges
  7. Select
    • Search for a specific award
    • Share to LinkedIn or
    • Create Link to share externally
    Share to Profile
  8. Select Close.

Viewing Badges & Certificates

  1. Select the tab for Certificates. Select the tab for Certificates.
  2. Select the title of the certificate. Select the title for Certificates.
  3. Select Generate Certificate. Select Generate Certificate
  4. Download and view or print the certificate.