Getting Started with D2L

D2L is used for the delivery of courses and course content for all course delivery methods. Follow the steps below to access and navigate D2L and D2L courses! For additional D2L support and resources, view the tabs below.


Login to D2L through MyLCC.


Access courses from the My Courses widget.


Participate in or complete coursework in D2L.

D2L Course Tools for StudentsD2L Trainings for StudentsGetting Help with D2L

D2L Course Tools for Students

There are a number of course tools students may use within D2L courses to complete coursework, communicate with classmates and course instructors, as well as to view assignment grades and feedback.

Select a link below to view resources for:

D2L Trainings for Students

The eLearning Department offers a variety of online, self-paced trainings to provide technical support and guidance for using D2L and D2L tools. It is highly recommended that all students complete the D2L for Students training as it introduces students to the basics of navigating and using D2L to access and complete course assignments, as well as introduces helpful campus resources.

Trainings focus on a variety of topics, including:

  • Navigating and Using D2L
  • Navigating D2L courses and course tools
  • Using text-to-speech tools in D2L
  • Attending online class sessions using Webex in D2L
  • Viewing Instructor Feedback in D2L
  • And more!

Getting Help with D2L

The eLearning Department provides D2L customer service and technical support for all students through the following: