Reassociating Your WebEx Conferencing Account in D2L

If WebEx Meetings or WebEx Trainings does not appear in the Conferencing Account menu when creating WebEx Meetings or Trainings in D2L, you may need to reassociate your WebEx Account in D2L.

    To reassociate your WebEx Account in D2L:
  1. From within a D2L course, select the Communication drop-down menu and then select WebEx.
  2. From within WebEx in D2L, select Account Settings. Select account settings option.
  3. Select Conferencing Accounts. Select the Conferencing Accounts navigation item to view associated accounts.
  4. On the Conferencing Accounts screen, select the Reassociate my account button for each conferencing account without a green check beside it. Reassociate any accounts that do not indicate association with the green checkbox.