Meeting Controls

Screenshot of the Webex meeting controls, highlighting Mute, Start Video, Share Content, Recorder, Participants, Chats, More Options and Leave or End the Meeting.
  1. Mute/Unmute: Select to mute or unmute your microphone.
  2. Start/Stop Video: Select to start or stop sharing your webcam.
  3. Share: Select to share the screen, applications, files or whiteboard.
  4. Record: Select to start or stop recording the meeting.
  5. Reactions:
  6. More Options: Select to access meeting audio, Invite and Remind, Lock Meeting, and Enable Breakout Sessions.
  7. Leave or End Meeting: Select to leave or end the meeting.
  8. Participants: Select to view a list of attendees.
  9. Chat: Select to open the Chat tool.
  10. More Options: Select to access Notes, Polling, and Q&A.