WebEx Polling

Polls can be useful for gathering feedback from attendees. Polls let attendees vote on a proposal, test their knowledge, and are a good way to encourage learning.

    Compose Poll Questions and Answers
  1. Select Polling from above the Participants panel. Check under the More options and controls drop-down menu if it’s not appearing. Select Polling from the More Options menu.
  2. Choose your question type and select New to add your question to your poll.
    • Multiple choice questions can have single answers where the attendees choose one answer, or multiple answers where the attendees choose all answers that apply.
    • Short answer questions let attendees enter free form responses to questions (up to 256 characters). Select the New button to add a question.
  3. Type the question and press Enter.
  4. Type the answers and press Enter after each answer.
  5. OPTIONAL: To mark the correct answer, first select the correct answer, and then select Mark as Correct.
  6. Select Open Poll. Enter the questions and answers to create the poll, then select Open Poll to release it to your audience.
  7. The poll closes after the set time has elapsed or the presenter selects Close Poll. After the poll closes, the presenter can share the results with training session attendees. Shared results appear in the Polling panel.
    • Poll results: Shows the poll results in the attendee’s Polling panel.
    • Individual Results: Shares an attendee results document in a web browser with the attendee.
    • Correct answers: Shows the correct answers in the Polling panel.
    • Individual’s grades: Shows the attendee’s grade in the Polling panel.
    Poll Results and Options. OPTIONAL: Polls can be saved by either selecting the Save button in the Polling Panel or by choosing the Save option upon closing a poll. Saved Polls can then be loaded into future WebEx Sessions. Select Save to save the Poll.