Sharing Content in WebEx Trainings

  1. From within a WebEx Training event, select the content from the Share menu. Screenshot of Share menu, highlighting the following; A My Desktop, B File, C Application, D Whiteboard, and E Web Browser.
    1. Select My Desktop to share your entire desktop.
    2. Select File to share a file from your computer.
    3. Select Application to share an application (ie. PowerPoint).
    4. Select Whiteboard to create and share a new whiteboard.
    5. Select Web Browser to share your browser (ie. Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.).
    Note: The desktop, files and applications can also be shared with the Share Application button on the Quick Start page. Screenshot of the Share Application button.
  2. To end sharing the desktop, web browser, or application, move your mouse to the top of your screen and select Stop Sharing. Screenshot of the Sharing tools menu, highlighting the Stop Sharing button.
  3. To end sharing files and whiteboards, select the X to close the respective tab within WebEx Trainings. Screenshot of the WebEx Training tabs, highlighting the X to close the tab for Whiteboard.