WebEx Feedback Tools

WebEx provides feedback tools that hosts and participants can utilize during meetings.

WebEx Feedback tools.
  1. Raise Hand
  2. Simple Feedback
  3. Slow Down/Speed Up for Speakers
  4. Emoticons

Using Raise Hand

Your participants can also use the Raise Hand button in the feedback tools to signal a question or respond to you. For example, “Raise your hand if you attended last week’s class session”. A raised hand icon will be displayed next to a participant name in the Participants panel as well as number that indicates the order that hands were raised.

Raise hand icons appear next to participants' names.

Simple Feedback (yes and no)

Feedback tools can be used gain simple ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ responses from participants. Participants can select one of the feedback tools located at the bottom of the Participants panel.

After a participant selects their feedback, hosts can see the results next to that attendee’s name in the Participants panel. Hosts can also view the results for ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ prompts in the Feedback Results window. As the host, you clear the feedback results.

WebEx Simple Feedback shows checkmarks and x's for yes and no feedback.

Tracking Attention

Hosts can click Check attendees’ attention to see who’s paying attention to the training. Attentive shows that the attendee is watching your presentation. Inattentive shows that the attendee is looking at another application on their computer. An Inattentive icon will also display next to a participant name in the Participants panel.

Icons appear next to a participant's name indicating focus of their applications.