Using Video with D2L Email

Communicate with an individual student or whole class list by sending videos through D2L Email. Emailing video communications should be used strategically to avoid overwhelming students with too many videos.

    Why send video through D2L Email?
  • Reach students with a variety of communication preferences
  • Grab students attention and spark curiosity
  • Review email video communication multiple times, whenever & wherever, at their individual pace
  • Increase instructor presence
  • Increase instructor/student communication
    Types of Videos to Send Through D2L Email
  • Course Welcome Video
  • Reminder of upcoming due dates for assignments, projects
  • Reminder of approaching exams dates
  • Clarify a common misunderstanding/frequently asked question
  • Course or assignment changes
  • Meeting time/location changes
  • Personalized student feedback (See Using Video to Communicate Personalized Student Feedback in D2L)