Adding Kaltura Media to a D2L Course – Quick Start Guide

  1. Enter a D2L Course.
  2. Select to create a new item or edit an existing item, where the video will be placed. Note: Kaltura videos can be embedded into many areas within the D2L including Announcements, Assignments, Content, and Email.
  3. On the HTML editor toolbar, select Insert Stuff. Select the Insert Stuff option in the HTML Editor.
  4. Select Insert Kaltura. Select Insert Kaltura from the Insert Stuff options to embed a Kaltura video into your D2L course.
  5. Locate the video and then select Embed to embed the video. Example of adding a video, choosing the Embed button.
  6. Select Insert. Choose Insert to add your video.
  7. Depending on the tool being used, select Publish, Post, or Submit.