Express Links in D2L (Windows)

  1. Navigate to the document on Express you wish to create a link to in D2L.
  2. In the file window, select and copy the link information.
  3. Within D2L, select Content.
  4. From within the desired module, select Upload/Create. Select the Upload/Create button.
  5. Select Create a Link.
  6. Add a Title, and Paste the link into the URL textbox.
  7. Replace \\express\ with
  8. Do not alter past \\express\. The remainder of the link (/faculty/<userid>/examplefolder/exampledoc.docx) should remain in place.
  9. Replace all Back Slashes (\) with Forward Slashes (/).
  10. Add a Forward Slash (/) at the end of the folder link if one is not already in place.
  11. Add the Name of the file including the File Extension. (Example: untitled.docx or example.pdf) NOTE: DO NOT include any spaces or special characters (i.e. %, ?, *, etc) in the file names or the link will not work. The link text must follow a specific format.
  12. Select the Checkbox for Open as External Resource.
  13. Select Create.