Express Links in D2L (Windows)

  1. Navigate to the document on Express you wish to create a link to in D2L.
  2. In the file window, select and copy the link information. Select and copy the file link.
  3. Within D2L, select Content.
  4. From within the desired module, select Upload/Create. Select the Upload/Create button.
  5. Select Create a Link.
  6. Add a Title, and Paste the link into the URL textbox.
  7. Change the 1st half of the link to read
  8. Do not alter the 2nd half! The remainder of the link (/faculty/<userid>/examplefolder/exampledoc.docx) should remain in place.
  9. Replace all Back Slashes (\) with Forward Slashes (/).
  10. Add a Forward Slash (/) at the end of the folder link if one is not already in place.
  11. Add the Name of the file including the File Extension. (Example: untitled.docx or example.pdf)
    NOTE: DO NOT include any spaces or special characters (i.e. %, ?, *, etc) in the file names or the link will not work. The link text must follow a specific format.
  12. Select the Checkbox for Open as External Resource.
  13. Select Create.