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Building a Better D2L – New Enhancements for Summer 2021

The eLearning Department is happy to announce four new enhancements added to D2L for the Summer 2021 semester.

First the D2L Assignments creation experience has been enhanced with a new, optimized interface that focuses on the most used parts of the assignment creation process with advanced features available under dropdown menus on the side. This reduces scrolling and speeds up the creation process. The evaluation experience for D2L Assignments has also been enhanced with an updated interface.

Second, a new Activity Feed is made available to be added to course home pages in D2L, providing an interactive wall experience for Instructors and students. This allows for a more social media-like experience for D2L announcements and course updates. Instructors can moderate the comments in the Activity Feed to ensure a healthy conversation in posts as well as add direct links to course activities in D2L.

Third, a new Accommodations feature is available within the D2L Classlist, allowing Instructors to apply D2L Quiz timing accommodations for individual students who require extra time for quizzes. This allows Instructors to set a timing accommodation for a student that applies to any timed quiz that the student takes in their course.

And fourth, the HTML editor found throughout D2L has received an updated interface to better align with other areas of D2L courses, creating a more consistent user experience.

As always, please feel free to contact the eLearning Department at any time for assistance with D2L.

Tools for Success in D2L

Tools for Success in D2L - Text Version

Did you know that there is more to D2L than just viewing content and uploading assignments? In fact, there are all sorts of additional tools that you may not be aware of that could help you be successful in your courses. Let’s take a look!

First, did you know that you can sign up for text message alerts for upcoming due dates for D2L assignments, quizzes, and even when you have a new grade in the gradebook? Select your personal menu in the upper right corner and then select Notifications. Enter your mobile number, complete the verification process, and then pick the types of notifications that you wish to receive from your courses. Be sure to visit the link below this video to learn more about notifications in D2L.

Second, have you ever missed an email in D2L? Don’t forget that you can filter you D2L email in box to view All Messages so that you don’t miss any important messages for you courses. Also, don’t forget that you can forward your D2L email to another email address, such as one you check often on your phone, so that you can stay more connected with your courses. Interested in learning more about using D2L Email? Be sure to visit the link below this video to learn more about filtering all messages and forwarding D2L Email.

Third, speaking of email, did you know that you can connect your LCC Gmail account to your D2L account? This has lots of benefits for students including being able to access your LCC Gmail and Google Calendar from within D2L and being able to submit assignments from your Google Drive directly to a D2L Assignment Folder. Want to learn how to connect your LCC Gmail account to D2L? Visit the link below to learn how!

And fourth, this last tool may not be in D2L but it may already be in your hand or pocket. And that tool is your mobile device and it can be used to scan documents that you may need to submit in a course. Document scanning is a feature that is included with both Apple iOS and Android devices so you shouldn’t need an additional app to get started. Be sure to visit the link below this video to learn more about this cool use of your mobile device for your courses.

As always, please feel free to contact the eLearning Department at any time for assistance with D2L.