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What’s New in D2L

View upcoming Fall 2020 eLearning Live! Sessions

Fall 2020 Course Shells will be available Aug 6, 2020.

Making PDFs Accessible in D2L Tip Sheet Available Now!

Are you looking to revise PDF’s in your D2L courses to make them accessible? The Making PDFs Accessible in D2L Tip Sheet takes a Reduce, Replace, and Remediate approach at improving the accessibility of PDFs and materials in D2L. Download the Making PDFs Accessible in D2L Tip Sheet today.

Viewing Grades and Feedback in D2L

Viewing Grades and Feedback in D2L - Text Version

Did you know that D2L provides multiple ways for students to keep up with their grades and feedback given from Instructors?

First, the Grades tool on the Course Navigation bar provides access to any grades entered by an Instructor. Be sure to check grades often to ensure that you are on track within the course and you have received all of the points that you have earned.

Second, check for feedback in specific D2L tools such as Assignments and Quizzes found under the Assessments menu on the course navigation bar. Once an Assignment has been graded by your Instructor, the grade will be listed in the Score column. Select Unread or Read to view feedback from your instructor, or to download attached feedback file(s). Once a Quiz has been scored, go to the Quizzes tool, select the drop-down menu next to the quiz title, and then select Submissions. You may then select the submission attempt that you would like to view.

Finally, the Class Progress tool allows you to check your progress in a course by tracking course-specific assignments and feedback, grades, and even how often you have logged in. The Class Progress tool can be found under the Course Progress menu on the Course Navigation Bar.

As always, please feel free to contact the eLearning Department at any time for assistance with using D2L.