Tech-it-Out Trainings

Topics YOU want, just when YOU need it!

Tech It Out is a series of trainings designed by the eLearning Department for Instructors, to be completed in 30 minutes or less, each with a topic of interest to Instructors in D2L. Additional training topics are in development and will be added teach semester. Follow these instructions to enroll in a Tech-it-Out training.
  • Adding the Activity Feed to a D2L Course — Takes instructors through the process of adding the D2L Activity Feed to a course in D2L in order to provide a new way for Instructors and students interact and engage with each other.
  • Six Challenges Students Face with the Setup of D2L Course Gradebooks — Focuses on six challenges students face with the setup of D2L course gradebooks. This training will discuss how each challenge can cause hardships for students, as well as provide a recommended fix. In addition, this training explains the importance of reviewing D2L gradebook settings to ensure the D2L gradebook equally supports both Instructors and students.
  • Automating Communications in D2L with Intelligent Agents — Aims to bring awareness to the Intelligent Agents tool in D2L. Learn more about how to access and set up automated alerts and communications in D2L courses, as well as various methods for utilizing Intelligent Agents to enhance instructor presence, communication, and student engagement.
  • Making Respondus 4.0 Work for You — Assists Instructors with using the Respondus 4.0 software to manage test banks, import exam files, and export quizzes to D2L. This training covers how to install and configure the software, and includes practice exercises for familiarizing Instructors with the basic functionality of Respondus 4.0.
  • Providing Feedback to Students in D2L — Highlights the areas in D2L where instructors can provide student feedback, as well as provide examples of the types of feedback that can be left in the different assessment areas of D2L.
  • Adding New Widgets to Homepages in D2L — A self-paced learning experience designed assist instructors with becoming familiar with widgets in D2L that do not appear on the default course homepage. The training will also present the process for creating a custom course homepage and adding new widgets to a course.