Creating and Using a Chat

Creating a Chat

  1. From the Communication menu, select Chat.
  2. Select New Chat.
  3. Enter a Title for the chat.
  4. Select the Radio Button next to General chat or Personal chat.
    • General Chat — Only accessible from the course in which they are created. All users in the course have access to the general chat. You can create multiple chats for the same course, such as “Midterm Review” and “Final Review.”
    • Personal Chat — Only accessible by users who have been added to the personal chat’s Participant List. When users are added, the chat room displays under personal chats in their list of chats.
    New Chat dialogue window highlighting General Chat and Personal Chat.
  5. Select Create.

Opening and Using a Chat

  1. To open a chat, select the Title of the Chat.
  2. Chat with students by entering text into the text field, then selecting Send.
  3. To close the Chat, select Exit Chat.