Creating a New Certificate

  1. From the Course Home Page, select Course Admin from the Manage Course menu.
  2. Select Awards from the Assessment group.
  3. Select Course Awards. Course Awards nav item selected.
  4. Select Add Award To Course. Screenshot of Add Award To Course button.
  5. Select Create.
  6. Enter the award details:
    1. Enter the Name.
    2. Enter a Description.
    3. Select Certificate for the Award Type.
    4. Select the Availability.
    5. Select the Expiry option. Screenshot of the New Award options.
  7. From the Choose Award Image section, select:
    • From Existing Library to select a badge from the Award Icon Library.
    • Upload New Icon to add a new icon to the image library.
    • Create your own award image to launch the Badge Designer website. NOTE: Badge Designer is a free website that allows you to create custom icons.
  8. From the Choose Certificate Template section, select:
    • From Existing Library to select a certificate from the Certificate Library.
    • Upload New Template to create a certificate using a custom template.
  9. NOTE: For detailed instructions on creating your own custom Certificate Template, see this D2L Certificate Documentation.
  10. Review the Issuer Information. NOTE: It is recommended to leave the default Issuer Information. Default Issuer information.
  11. Select the checkbox to Use this award in… to use the award in the current course. Select the checkbox to determine which course(s) you would like to use this award in.
  12. Select Save and Close.