Grading New Assignment Submissions

To learn about grading assignment submissions using rubrics, view Grading Assignment Submissions Using Rubrics.

  1. From the Assessments menu, select Assignments.
  2. Select the number under the New Submissions column. Number of New Submissions
  3. Select the File Link to open a preview of the submitted file for review. Note: Previews for Word, PowerPoint and PDF files will automatically display. Other file formats may not preview and need a program that supports the format to view them. Selected assignment highlighted.
  4. Enter a Score and Feedback for the submission. Best practice: In addition to entering a score, add meaningful feedback to inform students of their strengths and areas of weakness. Providing feedback increases Student-Instructor engagement and dialog. Screenshot showing grading options.
  5. Select Publish or Save Draft.
    • Publish will make both the score and feedback immediately available to students.
    • Save Draft will save the score and feedback to be released later.
    You may select Publish or Save Draft from available options to commit your feedback.