Creating Assignments

To learn about Linking to Grade Items, view Linking to Grade Items.

  1. From the Assessments menu, select Assignments.
  2. Select New Assignment. New Assignment button highlighted.
  3. Enter the Name of the New Assignment. BEST PRACTICE: Using a unique name for each Assignment will help to cut down on potential student confusion and ensure that projects are submitted to the proper folder.
  4. Enter the total number of points possible in the Score Out Of text field.
  5. To associate the assignment with the gradebook, select the In Grades menu, then:
    • Edit or Link to Existing: Allows users to choose a grade item from the gradebook or will create a new grade item
    • Not in Gradebook: No connection to a grade item
    • Reset to Ungraded: Makes the assignment an ungraded assignment
  6. Enter a due date and time, if desired.
  7. Enter Assignment Instructions in the Instructions text field.
  8. Within the Availability Dates and Conditions menu:
    • Set Start and End Dates (optional).
    • Set Release Conditions (optional).
    • Set Special Access (optional).
  9. Within the Submission & Completion menu, select the Assignment Type:
    • Individual Assignment: Users submit their own files and are assessed individually.
    • Group Assignment: Any member of a group can submit files to a group folder. Group members are given a common grade.
    NOTE: To select the Group Assignment option, groups must already be set up in the course before creating the Assignment. Assignment Type options showing an example of the radio button.
  10. Select the Submission Type. Types are File submission, Text submission, On paper submission or Observed in person. Submission types, File submission, Text submission, On paper submission, and Observed in person.
    1. For File submission and Text Submission, select preferences for Files allowed per submission, and Submissions. Preferences for File Submission, including Files Allowed and Submissions.
    2. For On paper submissions and Observed in person, select preferences for Marked as completed. Preferences for Marked as completed, including Manually by learners, Automatically on evaluation, Automatically on due date.
  11. Enter the total number of points in the Score Out of text field.
  12. Select a Grade Item from the drop-down menu, or create a New Grade Item. NOTE: This will add a grade item to the course gradebook.
  13. Within the Evaluation & Feedback menu:
    • Associate a rubric (Optional) NOTE: Multiple Rubrics can be used on one assignment
    • Manage Learning Objectives
    • Annotation Tools
  14. Select Save and Close.