Before, During & After Semester Tasks

The following lists presents course tasks that occur each semester. Each task is linked to a corresponding help page on the Instructor Resource Site in order to provide on-demand assistance. As always, if an Instructor needs further assistance, the eLearning Department can be contacted and is ready to help at any time.

Before the SemesterDuring the SemesterEnd of the Semester
  • Check the D2L Academic Office Hours Schedule – Review the D2L Academic Office Hours schedule to know where and when Instructors can drop in for D2L Assistance.
  • Copy Content into a D2L Semester Course Shell – Once semester course shells are available, Instructors can either copy an entire course’s content or copy individual components from a course into the current semester course shell.
  • Add a Course Welcome Announcement – Instructors should create a welcome message in the Announcement area for the first day of class that includes an introduction and important information for starting the course.
  • Update the Concourse Syllabus – Instructors should update the Concourse Syllabus for each course taught in D2L.
  • Update the Course Information Area in Content – Instructors should update the Course Information area within Content in a D2L course in order to provide students with quick access for how to access the course syllabus, start the course, and contact the Instructor.
  • Update the Categories and Items in the D2L Grade Book – Instructors should review D2L Grade Book to ensure that the categories and items accurately reflect the names of assignments, the proper category weights, and the corresponding point values for each assignment.
  • Release the Final Grade in a D2L Gradebook – Instructors should release either the Final Calculated or Adjusted Grade for students to allow them to track their overall progress through the semester.
  • Ensure that Content is Accessible – Check course content or have added new items, be sure to review all course content to ensure it is accessible.
  • Check Documents and Hyperlinks within Content – Instructors should check all documents and hyperlinks in content to ensure that all topics are working properly and are accessible to students. If a document or hyperlink is not working properly it will need to be recreated within Content.
  • Update the Lockdown Browser Settings for Quizzes – Instructors copying quizzes that are set up to use the LockDown Browser for testing, will need to check and repair settings, if necessary, within the LockDown Browser console in the Quizzes tool.
  • Update the Pinned Courses Within the My Courses Widget – Instructors are able to pin and unpin courses within the My Courses Widget on the My Home page of D2L in order prioritize the order of courses displayed.