CMS Accessibility Checklist and Revision Plan Training

The CMS Accessibility Checklist is designed to review and identify any ADA areas of concern within a D2L course(s). The checklist is a self-assessment tool to assist Instructors in the review of a course and course materials to ensure that the course is accessible for all students. This training provides an overview of how to apply the CMS Accessibility Checklist to a D2L course as well as develop a revision plan for revising course materials.

Estimated time for completion: 45 minutes

    By the end of the training, Instructors will be able to:
  • Define accessibility and apply pertinent ADA requirements to the planning and design of D2L course(s).
  • Identify accessible and non-accessible content within D2L course(s).
  • Identify course design principles that promote accessibility.
  • Create and revise documents (Word, PowerPoint, PDF) for accessibility.
  • Add Closed Captioning to videos in Kaltura.
  • Develop a revision plan for making updates.
  • List resources available to assist with accessibility.
    Training Outline:
  • About Accessibility
  • Introduction to the CMS Accessibility Checklist
  • Section 1: D2L Course Design
  • Section 2: Documents
  • Section 3: Multimedia and Images
  • Creating a Revision Plan
  • Accessibility Support Tools and LCC Resources
    Accessing the Training in D2L:
  1. Login to D2L.
  2. From the My Home page, locate the My Courses widget.
  3. Select the CMS Accessibility Checklist and Revision Plan Training. My Courses widget showing CMS Accessibility Checklist and Revision Plan Training link.